Updated Kitchens that Aren't White

There's no denying the popularity of white kitchens. In a way, white is becoming the honey oak of this decade - it sometimes seems like it's going in every kitchen! To be fair, most experts do think that white will have a lot more staying power than honey oak did, but that doesn't mean you have to pick it for your kitchen! Today, we're featuring trending kitchen designs that aren't white. You'll find these looks in brand new, updated kitchens so that you can be sure of the fact that white kitchens aren't the only way to go.

A Rustic Kitchen With More Black than White

If you're looking for stunning kitchens that aren't white, this one is a great example of how to mix modern styles with rustic looks. Reclaimed wood beams and a dark countertop coupled with a lighter stone for the island provide all sorts of stunning contrasts in this kitchen. The cabinetry makes a fantastic impression as well, adding to the upscale look and feel of this extremely functional and entertaining-worthy kitchen. For more on this kitchen, click here.

Dark Cherry Cabinets and Quartz Countertops

If there's one look that defines "modern, but not white" it's this one. For those who are choosing to stay away from white cabinets, cherry cabinets are becoming increasingly popular. In this kitchen, the couple we worked with decided on a darker stain for their cabinets and a beautiful quartz countertop to match.

Each and every beautiful feature really stands out in this kitchen due to the way that the colors contrast and blend together. Take special notice of the open shelves and massive island - maybe one of these features is just what your dream kitchen needs!

Take a closer look at this kitchen by clicking here.

Medium Stains, Huge Impressions

It would be almost impossible to look at this kitchen and argue that it doesn't make an impression. While there's plenty of light colors and stains, most of the features here aren't white.We'll make an exception for the countertop that fits so perfectly with the light wood stains and modernist design. Otherwise, take note of how we were able to work with the homeowners to seamlessly blend several wood stains with some of the fun colors that were added to the lighting and backsplash.To see more about this functionally modernist kitchen, click here.

Gray Cabinet, Stained Cabinet

In this kitchen design, we were able to work with the homeowner to blend two different kind of cabinets into a wonderfully warm and cohesive kitchen. The island features gray cabinets - which are already being referred to by some as the "new" white - and the rest of the kitchen is filled with wooden cabinets that are finished off with a warm stain.This kitchen also has two different countertops that are just different enough from one another to provide some incredible diversity and visual intrigue.To take a closer look at it all, click here.

Redefining the Modern Kitchen

Why choose between light and dark stains when you can have both working together so well? In this kitchen, eye-popping contrast is sure to catch your eye. Sleek two-toned cabinets combine light, dark, and sleek stainless hardware for a perfectly modern look.The dark countertops work perfectly with the lighter cabinet fronts to extend the effect throughout the entirety of the kitchen. If all that's not bold enough for you, take a look at the incredible backsplash that highlights the entire wall behind the stove and range hood. For more details on this project, click here.

A New Take on a Classic

Just try to find a kitchen that's warmer and homier than this one - we bet you'll have a hard time doing so. Wood with orange tones and differing patterns on the stone countertops make for a very diverse and interesting space.

The timber ceiling and darker floors perfectly round out the space and bring it all together.

Plenty of different textures, patterns, styles, and stains exist in this kitchen, but they all work together so well and ensure that the kitchen catches any eye.

To take a closer look, click here.


Whether you love the white kitchen or hate it, we can help you to put the kitchen of your dreams together. We work in MN as a remodeling company, and we're dedicated to serving our clients in an above and beyond kind of way. For more information on how you can make your kitchen the one you've always wanted, get in touch with us today! Or, for additional ideas and further inspiration - check out one of our events! Twice a year, you can attend our Parade of Homes Remodelers showcase, or you can view our upcoming and previous showcases on the New Spaces Showcase Event Page. Aside from our Showcase events, we also host many in person and virtual events.