Easy Ways to Style Your Home With Greenery

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October 1, 2020

There are plenty of benefits to having greenery inside your home. It will calm your mind and refresh your body. A greener environment can contribute to both physical and mental growth. Some plants can instantly change your indoor atmosphere. You can make them a part of your interior décor in many innovative ways. These indoor plants can boost the curb appeal of your home. Your indoor air will be healthier and refreshing as well. If you are looking for the best plants to create a greener home, then you can consider the following recommendations.  

Embrace Green Inside  

Greenery indoor décor has become a trend for modern society. Now people want a healthy environment. However, their busy schedule does not allow them to spend enough time in their garden. Therefore, they search for innovative ideas to bring the outside in. You will find a lot of plants including delicious eucalyptus, winding ivy, vines, leaves, and shrubs to use in your home décor. These are beautiful and can be used in many creative ways to compliment with other decors.


You might have used boxwood in your décor in festive occasions. You can also make it a part of your interior décor. These resilient and subtle plants can boost the look of your home. Boxwood pillar candles are calming and cozy. Likewise, it does not demand more effort. You just need a glass pillar candle holder and a few springs of boxwood plant to get an impressive look.  

Christmas Cacti  

The name itself suggests that it is widely used in Christmas celebrations. Christmas Cacti are beautiful, eye-catching as well as stunning. These plants come with hanging branches, flat segments and beautiful flowers. The flowers of this plant appear at the top with several tiers of petals. The best thing is that the bloom lasts for many days contributing to the serenity and beauty of your home. You can keep it in your living room or on your balcony. In order to keep your Christmas Cactus in good shape, it’s wise to use a cactus care guide so you understand the requirements of this plant and how to keep it healthy.  

Air Plants  

Copper has become a popular décor option for the last couple of years. You can make it more inspiring by adding some lovely air plants. This combination can become the style statement of your home. Some air plants are incredibly easy to plant. You can simply keep them alive to refresh your indoor air. You can use some stained wood and copper pipes to give them a creative look. You can keep these plants in any room including living room, bedroom, and even in your kid’s room.  

Palm Setting  

Last year, people were using banana leaves and elephant ear plants in various innovative and fun ways to offer a trendy look to their home. You can achieve the same benefit by using a large palm leaf. A palm setting can be inspiring and trendy with some innovative ideas. If you are planning for a dinner party, try this one. All your guests will be discussing it for a long time.  

Floating Greenery  

Have you ever heard about it? The name itself seems appealing. It is a unique idea. It can be best if you want to do something different and adventurous. All you need for this greenery is your old glass wine bottles and fern, magnolia, or rosemary leaves. Fill the bottle with water and allow the leaves to float in the water.

Greenery Bed  

You can even make your bedroom more calming with simple ivy and fern garlands. While creating this arrangement you just need to combine different versions to get a realistic look. You can make this arrangement on your bed frame. You can also place the garland as a table runner to make the table beautiful and modern.

Mirror Plant  

Have you ever imagined your mirror with a plant frame? It’s gorgeous and incredibly easy as well. You just need to attach a few eucalyptus branches to your hanging mirror. This setting will offer a lovely wreath-like display to inspire you every time you use your mirror.  

Bar Cart  

Indoor plants have a calming effect. They can boost your mood instantly. If you have a bar at home, consider adding some palm leaves to your bar cart. It’s simple and will add an inviting look to your bar. You and your guests will love this beautiful and outdoorsy look.

Mini Greenhouse  

If you want to make your entryway more welcoming and inspiring, you can have a mini greenhouse near your front door. Make sure that it’s filled with small succulents to grab people’s attention.  

Fruit Branches  

You can also decorate your home with fruit tree branches. Kumquat branches will be the best choice. You can keep them on your table or near the door. The tiny fruits hanging from the branches will look amazing. In the corner of your room, you can keep a leaf fig tree.  

Hanging Greenery  

Many of us prefer to decorate the blank wall of the living room with photos and art work.Instead of hanging pieces of art, you can consider displaying some greenery. To add a warm vibe to your home, you can use eucalyptus. This plant can last for years with normal dusting.  

Lantern Plant  

If you have old and unused lanterns, you can use them for hanging plants in your house. This arrangement can be perfect for your dinner table. Also, you can use this display on your ceiling. Adding lanterns to your home with some greenery will remind you of the outdoors and add a rustic feeling to your space as well. Get creative when using lanterns in your home!

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