5 Honey Oak Cabinets & Trim Ideas 2022

New Spaces Design-Build
September 7, 2022

Looking for design ideas for your honey oak kitchen or 1990's golden oak cabinetry? Here are some kitchen remodels we've done in the Twin Cities that started out with honey oak, and ended up looking beautiful.

Savage Honey Oak Cabinet Remodel

Check out this example of a complete 1990's Honey Oak Kitchen and Main Level renovation. This was a quintessential honey oak remodel that's worth a look.

2 - Honey Oak Bathroom Renovation

Here's a before and after honey oak bathroom remodel. Before our work in this space, they had tried to update the honey oak in their bathroom by painting it white.

3 - Apple Valley Honey Oak Transformation

Everything in this house was honey oak and we think you'll really enjoy what we were able to do with this 1990's home.

Check out the 3d walk through and more photos of this Honey Oak Cabinet Replacement and Renovation in Apple Valley, Minnesota.

Notice the mixed use of textures and finishes, to bring a coherent, but diverse aesthetic to each room.  This house was built using all matching honey oak, and we found some really incredible ways to integrate wood finishes and textures, while modernizing a bit with color.

4 - Honey Oak Kitchen Remodel Ideas Apple Valley Main Level

Check out another 80's home covered in Oak

5 - Shorewood Honey Oak Cabinets Kitchen Remodel

This house was another 1990's honey oak kitchen remodel we were able to work on.  These photos will show you what you can do with honey oak cabinets, honey oak trim and honey oak doors.  Notice how this honey oak kitchen is now light, open, airy and more interesting to look at. One major problem with the Honey Oak finishes is that everything matches, and there's no variety in finishes, colors or textures.  Everything becomes orange and gold, and it's almost overwhelming to look at.

This 90's honey oak kitchen remodel gave us an opportunity to update the space by bringing in some color, contrast between light and dark and additional interest by incorporating texture with the backsplash options that were selected for this space.

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