How Much Does Remodeling a Bathroom Cost?

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October 1, 2020

Remodeling has a bad reputation for being expensive and an unattainable goal for the average person. But is that assessment accurate? How much does remodeling really cost? Updating your bathroom might not do as much damage as you'd think. The first thing to say about pricing for bathroom remodels is this - there is no set amount that you have to pay to get the job done. That is entirely dependent on the improvements that you're looking to make. Remodeling is a very 'a-la-carte' industry, which means that the say over what stays and what goes is really in your hands.That said, it's never a bad idea to have a few benchmarks in mind so that you know what you're looking at. According to HomeAdvisor, the average Minnesota homeowner spends about $8377 on a bathroom remodel. That price is assuming a more or less complete makeover for a small to medium sized bathroom. You'll likely be expecting to spend more if it's the master bathroom that you're looking to upgrade. Do keep in mind that, according to Angie's List's assessment of a survey by NKBA, about half of the people updating bathrooms spend between $10,000 - $29,999 on the project.

While HomeAdvisor provides a helpful estimate here, most homeowners are probably already aware of the fact that remodels rarely go according to plan. Remodeling companies are notorious for hidden costs, unexpected expenses, and all of the like.T hat's why we take a different path and choose to work as a design - build company. As part of the design - build process, your liability is reduced and you're protected from many of the hidden and unnecessary costs associated with the typical design - bid - build remodeling company.

Itemized Remodeling

If you're interested in knowing where you can save or splurge on a bathroom remodel, it's helpful to know what the different elements involved in a bathroom remodel are and what they cost. In most bathroom remodels, the following are the most commonly updated elements:

  • Bathroom Vanities, Cabinets, and Countertops
  • Faucets & Sinks
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Bathtubs
  • Showers
  • Toilets

On average, a homeowner that's updating a bathroom is likely to spend the most on cabinetry, according to Angie's List. Some other elements that are typically considered as expensive are showers, bathtubs, flooring, and faucets. That said, keep in mind that there can be massive differences between a mid-grade item and a high-end item. Due to this, the difference between a luxury bathroom and a nice update can be thousands of dollars worth of expenses. On the other hand, cheaper upgrades typically include countertops, lighting, bathtubs, and toilets. Once again, it is certainly possible to spend a significant amount on each of these items. However, in general, mid-grade items in these categories are more affordable than what's mid-grade in the other categories we've listed here. If you're interested in learning more about a potential bathroom remodel and the expenses associated with what you want to do, give us a call.

For additional ideas and inspiration, you can also take a peek at our other events. Twice a year, you can attend our Parade of Homes Remodelers showcase, or you can view our upcoming and previous showcases on the New Spaces Showcase Event Page. We also host many in person and virtual events. We'll happily guide you through the process and transparently show you what it will cost. Our design team will even help you to develop the bathroom of your dreams!

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