Ideas for Finishing a Basement

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October 31, 2020

Would You Rather it Look Like This?

Basement Remodeling and Finishing Ideas

Looking for basement ideas and inspiration?

Take a look at some of our recent basement remodels.

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Ideas for Basements

If you're like most homeowners in MN, you probably have a whole bunch of unused space beneath your main floor that's going essentially unused - the basement. While it can be nice to have some unfinished storage capacity, there's often a better way to use what's likely a massive amount of potential living space.

Basements can be difficult to design, which is why we spend so much time with folks talking about basement remodeling ideas.

Remember, when you're planning a basement remodel, you'll work to balance the budget, your space, and all the spectacular ideas and dreams that you discover.

Basement Finishing Idea #1 - A Basement Bar

When it comes to renovating basements, a bar is the first thing most people think of.

In many ways, a bar is the perfect addition to a basement renovation or remodeling project.

  • Extra Storage
  • A Beverage Center
  • Water for Drinks
  • Extra Seating
  • Ultimate Movie Snacks
  • Sinks & Dishwashers
  • Fridge for Fresh & Healthy Snacks
  • Cold Soda or Beer

A basement bar can bring some of the incredible aspects of a dining room & kitchen, down to where you retreat and relax.  Installing a basement wet bar isn't exclusively beneficial for those that enjoy adult beverages.

A basement bar makes a great place for wine coolers, a refrigerator for soda or sparkling water, beverages, and is the perfect solution to keeping fresh snacks like fruit, veggies or cold cuts.

You'll have to decide between a wet bar and a dry bar. What's the difference between a wet bar and dry bar?  The dry bar will not have running water while the wet bar will have additional plumbing to bring water.

Basement Finishing Idea #2 - Bedrooms And/Or Bathrooms

How could it ever be the wrong move to add bedrooms and bathrooms to your basement? This is almost always a smart move for anyone that needs a little bit more room for a growing family or for guests. Bedrooms and bathrooms are also notable for adding value to a home more so than many other potential renovations due to their universal application.

Basement Finishing Idea #3 -Increasing Your Living Space

Basements almost always make for a great home theater or spacious living room. Since most basements are open and airy (at least in the Twin Cities suburban areas!) there are plenty of ways you can go about making this kind of update. For some ideas on how to make the most of your basement, check out some of our previous basement renovation projects.

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