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November 1, 2022

Adding A Sun Tunnel

Many houses have bathrooms, hallways, and other rooms where daylight never enters. Dim and dark, these rooms can be unwelcoming spaces until you turn on the lights. If you're wondering about how to add natural light to spaces like these, we might just have the perfect solution. Velux Sun Tunnels can bring natural light into those spaces to brighten them, and you, up.

Light Up the Darkness

Adding natural light to a room can be a significant challenge. The rigid metal tubes of the Sun Tunnel, however, are expertly designed to provide abundant natural light during the day. This can be great for picking out clothes in a previously dark closet. Impressively, Sun Tunnels can also provide gentle lighting at night. This is perfect for a “night light” in a bathroom.

Easy, Hassle Free Installation

Normal installation takes only a couple of hours and leaves virtually no mess. It is significantly less expensive and intrusive than adding a skylight.  Sun Tunnels have a one piece flashing system that virtually eliminates the chance for leaks when installed properly by a certified installer.


Energy Efficient

Most Velux Sun Tunnels are Energy Star qualified. They also help save electricity by providing free, natural light in areas where you previously needed to  always flip a switch. This makes them a great addition in kitchens, where adding larger windows in the wall may take up much needed space for cabinets.


Blue Sky Skylights, LLC

A 5 Star Velux dealer providing Sun Tunnel installation, and skylight installation and replacement. It is owned by Shawn Nelson, the President of New Spaces.

To learn more about Velux Sun Tunnels and Skylights contact Chad by phone, 888-901-7083 or email You may also visit

*Photos provided by VeluxUSA.

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