May 16, 2024

May Happy Hour Home Tour

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1970's Rambler Kitchen Remodel in Excelsior

Join the New Spaces team for a behind the scenes peak at kitchen remodel where craftsmanship, functionality, and family history come together in perfect harmony.

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About this Remodel

Kirk and Sara's kitchen craved a remodel that reflected their family life. Nestled by tall trees, the centerpiece is a stunning 8-foot window, offering Sara a backyard view while she cooks. Natural light floods the space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Storage was crucial for this on-the-go family. A hidden walk-in pantry cleverly replaced a hall closet, and a repurposed chimney flue provided extra space. Sara's desire for clear countertops became reality with thoughtful design, maximizing functionality and aesthetics. The matching stained hood blends seamlessly with the warm wood tones throughout.

A unique touch? A handmade zellige tile backsplash flows into the windowsill, blurring the line between counter and view. The final flourish? Removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room creates a beautifully connected space.

Virtual 3D Tour

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