Bjorn Freudenthal


Bjorn is a dual citizen who grew up in Helsinki, Finland and will always feel at home in the Scandinavian countries. He has an appreciation for cultural differences and loves spending time fishing & boating with his wife and 2 grown children at the family Cabin in Finland, on The Gulf of Finland/Baltic Sea.

Bjorn is the Chef of his household and likes cooking and experimenting with new recipes. He has been known to host traditional Finnish Cray Fish Parties for his past clients.

Favorite Ice Cream: Salmiakki (Finnish Salted Black Licorice).

Professional Profile: Bjorn is a Qualifying Builder & Certified Aging in Place Specialist, who loves good design and he has been building and remodeling design award winning projects all over the Twin Cities for over 20 years. Bjorn has served on the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI MN) Board of Directors between 2006-2011, as President of NARI MN in 2007, and as Vice-Chair for the Strategic Planning Committee for NARI National 2011-2013.