Chris Johnson

Project Manager / Exteriors

Chris is married and has 3 children, and he is active in the Shakopee youth hockey association. His outdoor insterests include Camping, Hunting, Golf, and amateur level cooking.

Favorite Ice Cream: Ben and Jerry’s Salted Caramel Brownie

Professional Profile: Project Manager and Exteriors Leader Chris Johnson previously worked in Auto Sales and Services for 9 years, handling operations and business development. Chris believes that to be successful, you have to care about all aspects of your career, your customers, your fellow employees, the company, and yourself. His charisma and effective leadership traits continues to be driven by his belief that no one should be judged by their failures, but instead judged by how they recover from them.

Chris served six years in the US Army Reserve and was honorably discharged as a Staff Sergeant. His experience working 30 years in the automotive industry includes a diverse amount of roles including, but not limited to, service writing, technician and overall management.