Shawn Nelson


Shawn wishes he could golf a lot more than he has been lately. He makes a mean spaghetti sauce and is allowed to move dirt if no one else is available.

Favorite Ice Cream: Strawberry

Professional Profile: Shawn grew up working every kind of job at New Spaces with a first-hand look at remodeling and the difference it could make in a family's life. He earned a B.A. from Valparaiso University in Business and an MBA from the University of Saint Thomas - School of Business. His favorite tool is his computer. Shawn is most proud of the way New Spaces helps their customers discover the right project for them - one that fits their needs and their budget. Shawn started early in the business. Though it may have violated some child labor laws, we have photographic proof of him out on a job with his dad when he was a young kid.