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This project revolves around the vision of a family of four seeking to harmoniously integrate their living spaces. The challenge lay in reimagining the underutilized front living room and forging a stronger connection between the formal dining room and the kitchen. The family's desire was to eliminate the need for a formal dining space while promoting a more practical utilization of their home. By transforming the kitchen, formal dining area, and front living room, this project aimed to establish a more fluid and functional living environment.

The results of this endeavor were transformational. The once-neglected front living room has been reborn as a cozy sitting area that seamlessly connects with the kitchen. This open layout now promotes easy communication between occupants in both spaces. Additionally, custom cabinetry was strategically designed to wrap around the stair wall, creating a multifunctional coffee/wine bar and a dedicated desk area for Lanica, a teacher who needed a workspace for her school-related tasks. This cabinetry design fosters a continuous flow between the front living room and the kitchen.
For Lanica, who possesses a deep passion for books, ample storage was a priority. A generously sized bookshelf has been incorporated into the side of the island, providing a dedicated space for her beloved cookbooks.

The project also involved refinishing the hardwood floors and seamlessly integrating new hardwood flooring to establish a cohesive feel throughout the connected spaces. A key addition was a new wide double hung window, installed in the former formal dining room. This window now floods the kitchen and front sitting area with abundant natural light.
Incorporating modern functionality, the project introduced new pantry storage and a dedicated broom cabinet, enhancing the kitchen's organization. The induction cooktop, paired with a custom wood hood, adds a touch of elegance to the cooking area. The 9' ceiling height imparts an open and grand ambiance, accentuated by 48" upper cabinets with glass doors for enhanced storage and aesthetic appeal.

One of the project's creative solutions was the placement of the island between the front living room and the kitchen. This unconventional positioning allowed for both a gathering space and additional storage and prep area, seamlessly uniting the two rooms.

In summary, this project successfully transformed a disjointed living space into a cohesive, functional, and aesthetically pleasing family haven. By opening up the kitchen, formal dining area, and front living room, the home now flows together, providing a versatile and interconnected space for the family's various needs.

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